Holidays part 2 – family

I gave my kids a massive hug when I got in on Friday – it had been 6 months since I saw them in person – Henry was dancing around in circles he was so excited.  Its always so fantastic to see them.

The next day, after a good nights sleep, we went for a walk to the park at the top of the hill – it was a beautiful day too – warm, hot even, sunny, perfect.  The kids had loads of fun playing, swinging, sliding, running and making friends.

I took the little LX5 with me cos I could pocket it easily and it’s fast and easy to use.  Plus it can take videos, which I keep forgetting to use.  It’s so much more interesting to have a couple of HD movies alongside all the photos.   Anyway.. my lovely children, cousins, playtime, etc.

Ella and Henry

The next day, we went round to see my little sister and her 2 kids and had loads of fun at the park near their house.

Ella and her little cousin, Ava

Then I switched to my Nikon and the lovely 50mil lens. Perfect for getting nice sharp photos.


Henry is obsessed with Ben Ten.

Little Ava – she’s teeny and such a poppet.

So there you have it – this is why I come back 🙂

We had a great couple of days chilling out in the sunshine.  Next up – A trip to Groombridge Place

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