Back to England – last part!

We had a day with the cousins and saw my sister’s teeny premature twin boys which was cool.  Ella loved holding them – they’re so tiny!

We went swimming (again) and Henry managed to swim unaided for 3 or 4 meters, which for a skinny 5 year old boy who last year, was afraid of the water, was really cool.  I even had him jumping in off the side and helping him duck down and touch the bottom.  Lesson there, parents, is to get a good pair of well fitting goggles.  It transforms how much fun they have in the water.

But then it was time to go, which is always the worst part – knowing we have a few more hours, a little more fun and then I have to leave them and fly home again.

After turning Henry into Harry Potter, We got the bikes out and had a little cycle about in the gorgeous sunshine.  Ella is very accomplished these days, as you’d expect, and loved her new bike

Henry is still learning, but, with a little help and a lot of running up and down, we had him riding on his own – he thought I was still holding on to the back of the saddle, but I was really just covering it to make sure he didn’t crash!! Nice one, boy!

And that was it – I had an amazing time, but I had to head off.  It’s so sad – lots of tears and don’t go’s later, I headed off, ready to pack up and catch the flight back the next morning.

See you again soon, little monsters.

2 Comments on “Back to England – last part!

  1. It was lovely having you all here, also we now have your blog to remember all those good days. And, the weather has now gone cold, brrrr! Lovely photos of you all.


  2. I really enjoy following your blog and your photos are great. I have nominated your blog for the “One Lovely Blog Award”. If you want to accept the award, please check my blog for rules, etc.


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