Trip to the UK – Part 2

So, we’ve been having a great time here – it’s been a relatively quiet one this time as it’s been freezing cold, most cool places are actually closed for the winter and we’re all too busy kicking back.

We did go swimming which was cool.  No, litterally, it was freezing.  The poor boy (who has the physical appearance of the terminally malnourished) went blue and his teeth were chattering uncontrollably.

He did try to swim, but the belly ache he had when he got out indicated that he was actually trying to drink the pool level low enough so he could stand.Anyway, we went round to see some of their cousins (who live just down the road from my parents’ house) and had some fun 🙂  Fun mostly on their Nintendo DS’es and my iPhone.  Youth of today – what ever happened to Lego or a rousing game of ‘snap’?

The next day, we went to Tonbridge Castle and went on the audio tour.

It was so cold though that we didn’t really get the most out of it, trying to keep out of the freezing draughts.  Henry was impressed that the design of the ‘garderobe’ meant your poos went into moat.  Nice.  He also liked stomping on the glass that covered up the murder holes in the hall above the gatehouse.  Oh, that was just cos he needed a wee.  Gotta love small children and their timing.

For a small local castle, its quite interesting – the castle itself has a violent history and the tableau are well done.  If you’re in the area, its worth the fee to explore for an hour.

The view from the top was pretty cool though.

We stopped off at the park for a play for as long as we could stand the cold!

Then back home for some quality time with me my iPhone.

Next up – parks, frozen lakes.

11 Comments on “Trip to the UK – Part 2

  1. Hi, we’re photographers living in Kent. Great pics on your blog! Hope you’re enjoying slightly milder weather now!


    • Thanks 🙂 I was very glad it warmed up a bit! so cold when I’m used it being in the 30’s! Loving some of your pics too – very cool!


      • Thanks Charlie, where are you based when not braving the cold of the UK?


  2. Hi,
    Absolutely loved the photos.
    I love exploring ancient sites and learning about the history, always very fascinating. Although coming from the tropics, I doubt if I would be able to handle the cold. 😀


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