Tripski, part 1

So, as you know, I went to England to see my beautiful kids.  England, land of the village pub, the Darling Buds of May, long summer evenings, rambling footpaths and history going back millenia.

Well, it wasn’t like that.  The sun didn’t shine.  It rained all the time.  It was freezing.  The cloudbase was 3 feet above the ground – so much so it didn’t really get light a couple of days. But hey, it was February and it wasn’t entirely unexpected.

More to the point, it wasn’t why I was there.

My kids

I had a lovely time with them – they’re so utterly amazing.  But then I’m a little biassed.  Their little faces when I knocked on their front door is the best thing ever.  Every time.  It’s like the biggest light ever comes on.  Probably like seeing kids faces at Christmas, but times one hundred.

They’re so cool.

Here’s a few pics from the first few days..

A little fun with the 10-20 wide angle

Now some more normal shots.

Next post – the cousins.  Well, a couple of them anyway, there’s a tribe of them we didn’t get to see this time.

3 Comments on “Tripski, part 1

  1. You are not biased at all Charlie, they are adorable. Simply Beautiful! I know you had a great time with them. Great post.


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