Holidays, part 6 – mini golf, mini trains, castles and trees

We had almost come to the end of the holidays and there were so many fun things still to be done.  I decided to go see what one of the locals parks had to offer as I’d heard it had been done up since I was last there.  And done up it had been – lots of new play equipment, remodelling and the two decade old mini golf had finally been redone.

The kids were a bit tentative on the play equipment, but were happy to give the golf a go with the promise of ice creams afterwards.  Henry swore blind that he could do golf just fine without my help, but after twice whacking himself in the shins, asked for a bit of help.

I think Ella won – I totally lost on one particular hole that I couldn’t do at all!

One of the other parts of the park had exercise equipment, which the kids loved – trying to pry them off was interesting!

There’s a miniature steam railway in the same park too – its been there since the 1940’s and I certainly remember it from when I was little, but I dont recall ever going on it, although I’m sure I must have done at some point.  Its free, donations only, run by enthusiasts from the local steam railway club.  So we donated what the man told us was more than everyone else put together (why some people think it’s ok to be stingy when this kind of thing relies on generosity, I don’t know) and had a ride around on the tiny steam train.  It’s awesome and the kids loved it!  Ok, so did I.

Then we went for a walk around Tonbridge Castle grounds – again, this is something the kids really love doing, they love castles and running about.  I was happy too because it’s very pretty, you can see for miles from the top of the old keep and it’s free!

On the way home I took a detour to One Tree Hill which has beautiful views over Kent and where Ella found a rope swing and a stick den-thing and had a great time. Its lovely up there under the acid green beech trees.

The kids wanted to go to Oldbury Woods to see the hole in the tree, so we went there on the way back home from One Tree Hill.  I know, we were knackered after all that!

And that was for our adventures for that day – I think we all went to bed early after all the running around.

Next up – Knole Park with the cousins.

4 Comments on “Holidays, part 6 – mini golf, mini trains, castles and trees

  1. Your photos always take me to another place in my mind. That castle looks stunning. And the kids looked like they had an amazing time.. especially at the mini golf course. Your lighting in each shot really is amazing as well.


    • Aww, thanks Kay – glad you can get something good out of my little rambles 🙂 these are only taken with a little point and shoot camera, nothing clever or expensive (relatively).


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