Holidays, part 7 – kids

And so it was time to take the kids back home so they had time to unwind before school started.  This is the bit that’s hard – that still having fun but knowing that its almost time to go bit.  Still – have fun we did and Ruth cooked us all a lovely late lunch/early tea as we played in the last of the English summer warmth.

We had a few hours, so I took some nice photos in the lovely light she has in her house.

Ella is always smiling – she’s a happy soul 🙂

Henry is also happy, but often has quiet and very serious moments

Serious as he might be, he’s gorgeous.  Especially when he smiles.

And that was that – had a very sad goodbye with them and I had to leave them, wailing in their mum’s arms as I drove off.

I seriously hate having to do that.

But, time will fly and I’ll see them again before you know it and we’ll have a whole lot more fun.

Next up – English countryside.

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