Holidays, part 7 – kids

And so it was time to take the kids back home so they had time to unwind before school started.  This is the bit that’s hard – that still having fun but knowing that its almost time to go bit.  Still – have fun we did and Ruth cooked us all a lovely late lunch/early tea as we played in the last of the English summer warmth.

We had a few hours, so I took some nice photos in the lovely light she has in her house.

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Holidays, part 5 – flying lessons

My daughter Ella is very special.  Well, I would say that, wouldn’t I?

She also has a somewhat ‘relaxed’ relationship with gravity.  As a ballet dancer, that’s a pretty helpful talent to have.  She can jump and spring like a mountain gazelle.

There’s something else she can do.


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this and that

This is post about lots of different things, all unrelated.

Firstly, I just heard that my daughter got invited to audition for the junior year at the Royal Ballet School in London.  She attends one of the Royal Ballet School’s regional centres on a scholarship and they’ve asked her and one other student to go to London to audition for a place in the school proper.  I am so proud I could burst.

We have clever kids between us – one ballet star, one drummer in the making, a real brainiac who’s is practically top in Australia for junior school spelling and Henry, who at 3 is really too young to prove anything yet apart from his prowess at peeing standing up.  I’m not knocking that though, its a useful skill.

Secondly (and I told you this was unrelated) – there’s a house for sale down the end of the cul-de-sac opposite and the real estate agent keeps on putting the home open signs on our front lawn to point in the right direction.  As the council owns the first 6 feet or so of land on that strip, I gather we’re not allowed to object to that kind of thing.

Well, actually, I do frickin’ object – they put 5 signs out on Saturday for 5 hours for one estate agent, and 3 for another, just 4 signs on Sunday and 4 out there today, along the length of my whole garden.  I had to mow the lawn anyway today, so I just pulled up the signs and piled them up on the side whist I mowed.  When I was done, I just left them in a pile on the lawn.  It really annoys me – they never ask if its ok and having 8 damn signs on my lawn is just taking the piss.

Lastly – I’m not losing as much weight as I want.  My back really wasn’t happy with the morning walks, which was a real shame.  I think it was the sand, and I can’t be arsed to spend money on trainers to walk on the pavement.  I’m still dieting so hopefully that’ll continue to have the desired effect, it just may take a bit longer.

So thats that.