Red Wine Wednesday – Storm Bird

So, wine lovers, you made it to hump day – well done you!

It’s been a crazy few weeks here, work is bouncing along in the shadow of a load of very public statements about cost cutting and efficiency, which is always an interesting time.  However, I’m still here and in order to restore some balance to the force, a healthy application of red wine is required.

For your tasting pleasure this week, we have the Storm Bird Shiraz Cab Merlot 2006
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Red/White Wine Wednesday – Houghton White Classic

Greetings!!  Its Red Wine Wednesday with a twist!  A little awesome added alliteration for your consideration – yes, its a White Wine Wednesday!

I’ve been kinda busy – too busy for wine really – I know, that’s not really an excuse, but there you have it.  I’ve been clearing the garden of the storm damaged trees and fences every weekend for seemingly ages – its all done now, but that’s beer work, not red wine appreciation time.

Anyway, enough waffling – I have a chilled white in a glass waiting for appreciation.

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Red Wine Wednesday – Happs 2009 PF Red

Happy Wednesday, mid weekers!  Yes, its hump day, which, now I’m not full of crappy flu, is Red Wine Wednesday!

As you might have gathered by now, I went to the Margaret River wine region on holiday, which provided an excellent opportunity to taste some outstanding wines.

Margaret River is really famous for its Cabernet Sauvignon Reds as it has a climate ‘almost identical to Bordeaux in a very good year’, in fact, some say that Margaret River Cab Savs are the best you can get in Australia.  Some vineyards also produce some really top notch Shiraz (although these are much softer and less peppery than the Shirazes of the Barrossa) and some very decent Pinot Noirs and Tempranilo (Rioja style) too.

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Red Wine Wednesday – Campo Viejo Rioja 2006

Hello wine lovers, it’s that time again!

I am currently in frosty England so I thought I’d find a European wine to review – I did think about doing an English wine, but in the limited time I had available to shop, I failed to find any.  So – what to choose – a classic Bordeaux, a cheeky Chianti?  Nope – I went straight for the Rioja.

These are damn expensive in Australia, but much more reasonable in the UK so as you can imagine, I haven’t gone overboard with the Rioja’s of late and I’ve kinda missed them.  In fact, I was struggling to remember what they tasted like!  Eeek!

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Red Wine Wednesday – Howling Wolves Cab Sav

Yes, wine lovers – its Wednesday and you know what that means?

I’ve already had at least 3 bottles since the last RWW and have only managed to blog one of them!

You say that like its a bad thing?


So, today’s red is a fine Cab Sav – locally (to Perth anyway) made in the Margaret River wine region just a couple of hours drive from where I live.  Only a couple of hours?

Thats commuting distance to Perth, right?

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iPhone 4s

I took delivery of a new iPhone 4s the other week as I was out of contract and had the opportunity to upgrade for next to nothing. Yes, I’m a sad case and I know the arguments, Samsung, Android, blah blah.

But I don’t care – I’ve had my 3Gs for 2 years and save for a couple of minor IOS updates that were not as stable as they might have been, its been a revelation. You can do so much on it – games, photos, video, internet, well, just about everything.

But that’s old news

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Red Wine Wednesday – Woven Leaf Shiraz

So, my dear and beautiful readers, I’ve really spoiled you on the blog this last few weeks – 3 wine posts and some photos of my kids goofing off – I think I need to be more generous and diverse on my content creation.

Anyway, it is what it is – so welcome to another Red Wine Wednesday (in glorious wine colour too – am I good to you or what?)

This week – its a 2008 Woven Leaf Shiraz

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Red Wine Wednesday – Sinclair Estate

It’s been way too long since the last Red Wine Wednesday

My dear readers, I apologise.

Especially seeing as my wine stocks are were at an all time high.

So, without further ado, I give you 2010 Sinclair Estate Shiraz Cabernet.

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Review: Film

A while ago I bought a mint condition Polaroid Sum LMS and a boat load of 600 film for my wife for her birthday.  I know, nice, aren’t I?

Anyway, I also got her some of the Impossible Project‘s ‘Silver Shade’ film – a new experimental Polaroid style film – it takes whimsical images in a kind of pale sepia black and white style, which of course, knowing her, would be awesome.

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Red Wine Wednesday

Yes, vino-lovers, after a small hiatus caused by, well, laziness, it’s that time again..

Today’s lovely wine is..

A gorgeous Western Australian Shiraz.  As I mentioned before, Shirazes (and Syrrah’s in Europe) have a peppery, blackcurranty earthy taste, not totally unlike a Rioja, except they lack that deep red earth full body of a typical Rioja.

This wasn’t a massively expensive wine but it was a good one – easily quaffable and a definite ‘buy again’.  I bought it was an every day drinker, but it would pass muster as a nice Saturday afternoon, sun going down unwinding on the paito underneath dappled shade drinker too.