Red Wine Wednesday – Tatty Road Shiraz 2012

So, wine lovers, it’s Wednesday already and have I got an interesting wine for you this week!

It’s a long story, bear with me!

My bank has a points based loyalty thing with my credit card that accumulates a point for every $ spent on MasterCard and 2 points for every $ on American Express.  It’s the same account for both cards, so it doesn’t matter which one I use – anyway – normally these reward schemes are pretty crap, but not this one.

I get loads of free stuff for my points – and they do wine!!

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Red Wine Wednesday – Old Kent River 2005 Shiraz

Its Wednesday!!  And guess what?  Red Wine Time! Actually, that’s a teensy fib – its really Thursday, I just forgot to post this yesterday.  Luckily for me, I’m in Australia and 3/4 of the globe is behind me, day-wise, so there might be somewhere left that’s still Wednesday!

It’s not good really – first I do a Red White Wine Wednesday and then I spring a Red Wine Wednesday Thursday on you all!  Some consistent brand image that is!!   It’ll probably degenerate into a daily slurred Some Alcohol Day post before too long and you’ll be wondering what’s gone wrong in my life!!

So, what does this wonderful day have in store, wine wise?

A gorgeous Shriaz from the Old Kent River Winery in the Great Southern wine region of Western Australia. Read More

Red Wine Wednesday – Woven Leaf Shiraz

So, my dear and beautiful readers, I’ve really spoiled you on the blog this last few weeks – 3 wine posts and some photos of my kids goofing off – I think I need to be more generous and diverse on my content creation.

Anyway, it is what it is – so welcome to another Red Wine Wednesday (in glorious wine colour too – am I good to you or what?)

This week – its a 2008 Woven Leaf Shiraz

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Red Wine Wednesday

Yes, vino-lovers, after a small hiatus caused by, well, laziness, it’s that time again..

Today’s lovely wine is..

A gorgeous Western Australian Shiraz.  As I mentioned before, Shirazes (and Syrrah’s in Europe) have a peppery, blackcurranty earthy taste, not totally unlike a Rioja, except they lack that deep red earth full body of a typical Rioja.

This wasn’t a massively expensive wine but it was a good one – easily quaffable and a definite ‘buy again’.  I bought it was an every day drinker, but it would pass muster as a nice Saturday afternoon, sun going down unwinding on the paito underneath dappled shade drinker too.