Red Wine Wednesday – Happs 2009 PF Red

Happy Wednesday, mid weekers!  Yes, its hump day, which, now I’m not full of crappy flu, is Red Wine Wednesday!

As you might have gathered by now, I went to the Margaret River wine region on holiday, which provided an excellent opportunity to taste some outstanding wines.

Margaret River is really famous for its Cabernet Sauvignon Reds as it has a climate ‘almost identical to Bordeaux in a very good year’, in fact, some say that Margaret River Cab Savs are the best you can get in Australia.  Some vineyards also produce some really top notch Shiraz (although these are much softer and less peppery than the Shirazes of the Barrossa) and some very decent Pinot Noirs and Tempranilo (Rioja style) too.

With that heady mix in mind, this week – I’d like to introduce you to Happs 2009 PF Red Read More

Holidays – day 3

It’s funny – it only takes a week or two and suddenly it’s hard to remember what order things happened in!

Day 3 we got up early and went to see the Ngilgi Cave which was just round the corner from where we were staying. Read More

Holidays – day 2

Due to various dietary needs and restrictions, we’d had to plan ahead a little with eating out.  We’d booked ourselves into Hay Shed Hill winery for breakfast and for a late lunch in Settlers Tavern in Margaret River and then planned out a sort of route between feeds to take in the must see sights.

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Holidays – day 1

Firstly, many apologies for the slight absence of posts – I have been a number of things

1. sick
2. working like a bastard
3. on holiday

All of the above have pretty much prevented any kind of activity, photography, red wine consumption and time and/or access to a computer.

Anyway, you now have my undivided attention for a while 🙂

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