Red Wine Wednesday

Yes, vino-lovers, after a small hiatus caused by, well, laziness, it’s that time again..

Today’s lovely wine is..

A gorgeous Western Australian Shiraz.  As I mentioned before, Shirazes (and Syrrah’s in Europe) have a peppery, blackcurranty earthy taste, not totally unlike a Rioja, except they lack that deep red earth full body of a typical Rioja.

This wasn’t a massively expensive wine but it was a good one – easily quaffable and a definite ‘buy again’.  I bought it was an every day drinker, but it would pass muster as a nice Saturday afternoon, sun going down unwinding on the paito underneath dappled shade drinker too.

2 Comments on “Red Wine Wednesday

  1. Good and not massively expensive are my magic words. I wonder if I will be able to find this locally. The other night I was winding down after work and thinking about how much I would love a glass of red wine.

    This wasn’t last night, mind you. Last night I was busy being dressed up as a hula barmaid. 😉


    • I’m pretty sure you should be able to find West Australian wines in the US, but whether they are still cheap is another matter entirely. I’d be looking in the Chillean or Argentinian sections, maybe even US wines too, but I don’t know how much Shiraz is grown where you are.


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