Red Wine Wednesday – Sinclair Estate

It’s been way too long since the last Red Wine Wednesday

My dear readers, I apologise.

Especially seeing as my wine stocks are were at an all time high.

So, without further ado, I give you 2010 Sinclair Estate Shiraz Cabernet.

I got this wine with a couple of cases of red from redeeming my credit card points. I know, what better reward for spending money! I did have to concede a set of saucepans for Jay (as she loves to tinker in the kitchen) and some new phones for the house as the old one was terrible, but I still managed to score at least 50 bottles of tasty red wine.

So, to get started

Presentation. Plain, unpretentious, a bit boring. Yes, come on, you can do better than this!

Appearance deep, rich, dark (but not too plumy, I guess that’s the Cab part of the blend)

Aroma (what’s the correct phrase here – bouquet?) – warm, a whiff of pepper, intense fruit, has a hint of the slight sweetness of the Cab

Taste smooooth! This is a very drinkable wine (aren’t they all?) – good enough for a posh dinner, but not so good you feel guilty about drinking it during the week (just as well really, it’s not even hump day yet – yes, I’m writing this early as I wanted, no needed a glass within 10 minutes of getting home). Anyway, back to the taste – tt’s got the peppery fruit of the shiraz and the sweetness of the cab in a good mix – both kinda even each other out and don’t overpower, which I think makes it perfect for just getting on with the drinking bit.

Aftertaste (what do you call this in wine lingo – finish?) – warm, almost syrupy but without the sweetness – plum and blackcurranty. Slightly spicy. Nice.

Verdict Good – not earth shattering ‘omg I should really have saved this for a firstborn son’ good, though, but perfectly respectable. If you took it to a dinner party, your hosts wouldn’t be disappointed. Unless they’re serving fish. You’d want to be eating red meat or at the very least a rich dark pasta.

7/10. (which is just as well, I have more in the cellar*.)

*wine rack in the corner

4 Comments on “Red Wine Wednesday – Sinclair Estate

  1. Awesome!! I loved reading this.:D I want a wine cellar…

    Too bad I pick my wines, more often than not, based on the label. And if the description has the word “jammy” in it, I’m usually happy.:p


    • hehe – you so should have a wine cellar – I’d love a proper underground one with a tasting station, but lacking the requisite millions, I’ll have to made do with a wine rack and the kitchen bench!


  2. I’m not a drinker, but I love to learn about all sorts of drinks so I can be knowledgeable when hosting a party. Wonderful selection.. I will have to purchase this for a party


    • I’ll be running a regular Red Wine Wednesday – if you need to be the perfect hostess for others (or just appear smart) – be sure to check back


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