Red Wine Wednesday – Woven Leaf Shiraz

So, my dear and beautiful readers, I’ve really spoiled you on the blog this last few weeks – 3 wine posts and some photos of my kids goofing off – I think I need to be more generous and diverse on my content creation.

Anyway, it is what it is – so welcome to another Red Wine Wednesday (in glorious wine colour too – am I good to you or what?)

This week – its a 2008 Woven Leaf Shiraz

It’s another one from my credit card points spending spree – I picked what they said was a good selection, it’s pretty hard to tell from a description on the form!

Presentation – well, the bottle is classy looking, muted earth tones and rustic paper gets my attention – they might be trying to sell to my inner sustainability eco warrior.  Sadly, as it happens, it’s refined with egg and has sulphates in, so we’re not scoring as high on the eco front – lucky I don’t really care then isn’t it (although actually, I’m a bit indifferent to sulphates – they can change the flavour if you’re not careful)

Appearance – the wine is quite light for a Shiraz – not Pinot light though. Its, well, red wine colour 😉

Aroma (sorry – bouquet..) it’s subtle until you give it a good slosh about in the glass.  Then we have big fat cherry and some citrusy acidity by the bucketload. The tasting notes say cinnamon and vanilla, but try as I might, I can’t for the life of me smell those in the glass.

Taste – so what do we have here – nothing like how it smells – no deep cheery or blackcurrant from the smell is translated – we have sharpness, light, a little acidic and a hint of spice, particularly in the mid and finish.  It’s smooth though and quite subtle after than initial bite.  I’m not 100% sold on this, it’s lacking  roundness and spice (although I have some of that coming through now) like I’d expect for a Shiraz

Finish – it tails off to a gentle smooth and yes, vanillary (is that a word?) glow in the mouth (I have that right now!)  – actually, I think that’s the best bit of the wine.  Its almost got a tart port like quality to the lingering finish

Verdict– I don’t adore this wine – the taste isn’t quite right for me – the flavours in the glass dont make it all the way to the palate, which is a shame – if that cherry was in the taste, it would be amazing.  The finish is delicious though, especially after a minute or two.

An imperfect 6/10 – its smooth and quite drinkable, nothing bad about it per se, but it’s not special, too little of the Shiraz petter.  Love that vanilla finish though, most unusual.  Perhaps I am spoiled. 😉



2 Comments on “Red Wine Wednesday – Woven Leaf Shiraz

  1. I’m a shiraz fan, but you have convinced me by not selling me on this wine … and I’m a daring wine buyer, meaning I willing to try. Then again, the label doesn’t look familiar to me – so I’m unsure if it is available in the US … which then makes my decision easy. Thanks Charlie as I celebrate my first official Red Wine Wednesday.


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