It’s overdue – the shots from the ‘blad are here and I’m very happy with them 🙂

I’ve said this before, but there seems to be a lightness of touch that film has in the way it renders some light conditions that digital can’t reproduce, or at least I can’t reproduce it!

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More kite surfing

Yes, you might well be bored shitless of these posts by now, but I have more kite photos.

It was blowing a hoolie yesterday so I popped down to Safety Bay (which I am told is one of the best freestyle kite surfing spots in the world) to see who was out.  It was high tide this time, so no toe nipping crabs.  And it was freezing compared to the weekend too.

There were a few people out on the water – most notably Cesar Portas from Barcelona, Spain.

He’s currently number 13 on the PKRA Pro kite surf tour and bloody hell, he’s good.  He was doing tricks I’ve not seen any of the locals do – not that they are not good, I’ve got some awesome shots of them as you can see in my past kite surfing posts, its just he was incredible.

I managed to stuff up a lot of the really good shots I had – somehow my lens wasn’t tracking the action properly and the autofocus was off pretty much every time.  Bah!  He even did a huge leap right over my head, which the camera spectacularly failed to focus on at all.   Really not happy – especially as all the pro’s have now headed off to the Gold Coast for 10 days for the Australian leg of the PKRA tour.

Anyway, here’s what I managed to salvage..