previously (as they say on Dexter, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and others, before wasting 10 minutes of airtime on recapping seemingly the entire series to date) I mentioned a new camera.

Well, its not new.  1981 to be exact.  But it’s new to me.  And actually, given the concourse condition, it may as well be new.  There’s not a mark on it anywhere.

So, what is it?  Observant stalkers readers will know that its a Hasselblad 500 C/M

Maybe one of you will know what that is and probably no-one will actually care!

But hey, I’m a technology evangelist, so I’m going to damn well educate you, like it or not.

It’s a Swedish-made (no Austin Powers jokes please) medium format film camera.  One of the very finest cameras from days gone by actually.  It has a look down waist level viewfinder, no lightmeter – its totally manual – takes 12 shots of 6×6 medium format film (like the Holga)  and is just amazing.

purdy, huh?

Actually, mine is in much better condition than this one – its totally unused.

So, watch this space for some pictures of a different kind.

3 Comments on “cameratime

    • Its such an awesome thing, a real work of art – looking through the waist level viewfinder is such a treat – I just hope the films come out ok! I shall send a load off on Monday and we’ll see.


  1. Personally, I think you wasted a perfectly good MC Hammer opportunity in your title there.

    Have I taught you nothing!


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