It’s overdue – the shots from the ‘blad are here and I’m very happy with them πŸ™‚

I’ve said this before, but there seems to be a lightness of touch that film has in the way it renders some light conditions that digital can’t reproduce, or at least I can’t reproduce it!

My favourite photos with the Hasselblad are people shots.Β  It’s magic.

Here are some of the girls during the golden hour on the beach

And a couple of Cesar Portas – he’s a good looking S.O.B, so not too hard to take a decent photo of him!

Best camera ever.Β  I just ordered a truck load of film for it too and intend to go crazy over the next few months – watch this space.

4 Comments on “Hasselblad

  1. Great photos! I was so resistant for such a long time to switch away from regular film to digital but finally did. I agree that film presents just something a little extra. Maybe it’s that more thought goes into what you are doing with film because you only have that moment to get it right and wont know if you got it right until the photos are developed. With digital you can erase your mistakes without even thinking about the expense of processing etc.


    • Thanks πŸ™‚ Digital is convenient and accurate and allows you to quickly get a good photo, but film requires more thought and I like being forced to take time. I think medium format has some extra *pow* over 35mm film that makes it worth it for me πŸ™‚ I do still love my digital though!


  2. These photos are absolutely wonderful. The lighting, the beach, and the colors definitely play off these photographs very well. Very nice post as always.


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