last pics of 2011

First up – I want to wish everyone who comes to this blog my very best for 2012! May it be amazing for all of you.

Ok – here’s the last of the photos from 2011!

The girls wanted to try out their new boogie boards and as the wind was blowing pretty strongly, the ocean was likely to have a few good small children friendly sized waves.

So I packed up my camera and a beach chair and took them down for a few hours.

There were a few people out, but not so many as the wind was really whipping in – perfect for body surfing.

It was a pretty much perfect day for it. The girls grabbed their boards and headed out into the surf. The waves were maybe 3 feet or so, and as the beach is very shallow and I don’t think there are any rips here, it was pretty safe – still, I was keeping a watchful eye!

The girls had a great time – the waves were plenty enough to ride in right up to the beach and the it wasn’t so hot that I couldn’t sit there with them for a few hours.

Pretty much perfect way to end the year really.

So – 2012 – what does it hold?

Well, more film hopefully. I’ve been very slack but I have some ideas I want to try this year.

Also a new camera – my D300 is in need of a service to scrape out all the salt and sand, so I think it’s time for a D700 (or 800 if they ever get released)

And generally a lot more pictures. But then you knew that!

6 Comments on “last pics of 2011

  1. Looks a lot of fun. Oh for some sun. The UK is wet and cold at the moment. I know, I am heading out of the country soon to some warmth, but your photos look very inviting. A Happy , healthy new year to all


  2. I wish you and your family a very wonderful 2012 as well. And let me just say.. those photos are AMAZING. Seriously. You’ve captured those waves amazingly. Love visiting this blog


    • Thanks Kay 🙂 I love that my family had a good Christmas – it’s still odd that Dec/January/Feb is warm though! I am just starting to intuitively think of February as the hottest month, but as I always go back to the UK in Feb for the kids, that cold grounding is always there!


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