Back to England – part 2

The weather was beautiful, so we made the most of the local parks and my parents garden (which has a teeny freshwater crayfish in the brook that runs through it), playing with the kids and generally having fun.  We made good use of the village shop and bought all kinds of yummy treats – thats the one good thing about living in a village – the trusty shop, which sells all kinds of esoteric stuff, including some yummy Kentish beer 🙂 Read More

Raising Hell

We’ve had a few storms here over the last few weeks.  Big arsed hairy Indian Ocean winter storms.

These are usually ok – the wind howls, the rain falls and then its gone.  Except this time we had 2 of them back to back, the first with a sudden howling gale that knocked down fences and trees and damaged the roof and the second, a few days later, bringing 12 hours of violent wind and torrential rain.  This, as you can imagine did not go well with the already damaged roof, and water came pouring in through one ceiling over of the windows in the back of the house.  Bah!

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More travels

And before I was even over my travel fatigue from going to England, I had to go back to Brisbane.  Ok, I do get to fly business class, but it’s only a small consolation on a 4:30 hour flight – there’s still the stuck in the seat feeling that no matter what class of travel you can afford (perhaps a first class suite cabin on Singapore or Emirates Airlines would be an exception).

Anyway, Brisbane it was for another week. Read More

Trip to the UK – part 5

And then it was the very last day – we packed up and I drove them back to their house.  They were very pleased to see their mum of course – no matter how much fun we’re having, they always like to be back home.

As luck would have it, Ella had a ballet lesson that afternoon, which meant I could (finally) watch her do her dancing.   Sadly, due to paedo paranoia, I was only allowed to watch and not take photos of her during the lesson.  Ah well.

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Trip to the UK – Part 1

And so the time has flown since last summer and it’s time for another trip to England.

No flight photos this time as a) I had a middle centre seat out from Perth and then b) it was dark all the way into London.

I went via Singapore which was cool – I like Changi airport, it’s big and clean and has lots of places to sit down and chill.  This time it was full of Japanese schoolgirls, which was really bizarre – it was just like a cliché – all with their knee high socks and giggling – very odd.  I would have taken a photo, but I didn’t want to seem like a pervert stalker, so you’ll just have google and imagine it all for yourselves. Read More

Holidays, part 1 – Perth to England

So, after a full days work, I hastily packed up and went to the airport to catch the midnight flight, the first leg of my journey, to Hong Kong.

Sadly, Cathay Pacific’s maintenance crews in Hong Kong had forgotten to file some paperwork, so we sat for 2 hours whilst the captain sent several rockets to obtain this before we could depart.  2 hours late was not good, seeing as I only had 2 hours between flights in HK. Read More

In transit

Did you see what I did there… 😉

Regular readers may recall that I travel a fair bit, mostly back to the UK from Australia.  I’m always running from place to place trying to maximise my time off, my funds and my time with my kids.  It was always the same with business travel too – squeezing the schedule as much as possible

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