Trip to the UK – Part 1

And so the time has flown since last summer and it’s time for another trip to England.

No flight photos this time as a) I had a middle centre seat out from Perth and then b) it was dark all the way into London.

I went via Singapore which was cool – I like Changi airport, it’s big and clean and has lots of places to sit down and chill.  This time it was full of Japanese schoolgirls, which was really bizarre – it was just like a cliché – all with their knee high socks and giggling – very odd.  I would have taken a photo, but I didn’t want to seem like a pervert stalker, so you’ll just have google and imagine it all for yourselves.Once on the plane, all I can do is wait it out – its a long way to the UK from Australia – the leg from Singapore seems to go on for an eternity.

When I left Perth it was 39C and when I got to England, it was -13C. Yes, that’s practically Arctic temperatures and a bit of a shock to my now warm temperature blood.

There had been a fair amount of snow in England and I managed to stop for a few shots in Royston where I lived before I moved to Australia.  It was just after dawn and farkin’ freezing, but it was beautiful and worth the 15 minutes stop.  Sometimes you just have to capture the moment that is unfurling infront of you.

I drove on and quickly got to my kids house – was so good to see them again.  I love seeing their smiling faces and having them jump all over me – I just wish I could make that happen more often.

On the way home we stopped off to to get a few more photos in the snow and bright blue sky

Next up – the cousins 🙂

11 Comments on “Trip to the UK – Part 1

  1. -13c is very, very cold. I just hope the house is warm enough. Lovely picture of Henry. My word Ella is growing up! Snow looks spectacular when it is hard and pristine, especially with a blue sky to set it off.


  2. Hi,
    Wow, that is freezing, I don’t think I would survive in temps so low. 😀
    I’m from Queensland here in OZ and even when we go o/seas for a holiday we always make sure it’s summer where ever we decide to go. Although I would love to see a white winter one day. 🙂

    Beautiful photos, it all looks very magical with all the snow around.


    • It requires layers and a hat. Neither of which I have being pampered by warmth in Perth! That cold blue sky with snow landscape is truly amazing – you really should venture out of the tropics and seek something a little cooler one of these days! It’s only a few hours to South Island NZ 😉


  3. Oh great … you go to the UK during their colder-than-normal winter. Oh well … enjoy your trip and I look forward to more posts regarding your trip.


    • It was 8C today and TBH it felt colder than -13 due to the mean cold wind that’s blowing in – froze my toes and fingers just being out for an hour!
      The snowy landscape was awesome – I’d have got a lot more shots but there was a thick fog over most of the countryside – was just lucky that I had passed this spot when there was no fog!


    • yup – every 6 months to see the kids – expensive and tiring, but one the highest priority things in my life. Bali’s only 3 hours or something – are there no cheapy package deals you can grab and just go at the last minute?


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