In transit

Did you see what I did there… 😉

Regular readers may recall that I travel a fair bit, mostly back to the UK from Australia.  I’m always running from place to place trying to maximise my time off, my funds and my time with my kids.  It was always the same with business travel too – squeezing the schedule as much as possible

I’ve transited through so many places that I have never seen more than the approach to the runway from the air and the inside of the terminal buildings.  So many cities, possibilities, adventures that I just haven’t had time for.










And I’m adding another one to the list in August.  A place that I’ve always wanted to go to as well.

Hong Kong.  I’m gong to be there for a whole 2 hours, trapped inside the confines of the transit lounge.  Bah!

So far I’ve travelled through, but not seen:

Bangor (Maine)
San Francisco (actually I did manage an hour’s sprint through the city..)
Los Angeles
Kuala Lumpur (a dozen or more times)
Singapore (likewise)
Dubai (at least 3 times)

I’m sure there’s more too – I’m always certainly going to add Brunei and Bangkok to the list before I hit 45.

It’s such a shame, it’s no fun stopping off somewhere for a day when you really want to get to the real destination quickly, especially as I’ve made lots of these trips on my own.  I’m not packed for exploring another city, I’d never have enough time and I’d be kinda overwhelmed.  But I always get that nagging feeling that I should have just found a way to tag on an extra day and gone for it.

Maybe next time…


6 Comments on “In transit

    • it will have to be next time, this time, I have 90 minutes in Hong Kong – not even enough to get out of the terminal building!


  1. Next time’s coming up pretty soon isn’t it? Make good on one of those destinations 🙂

    That first photo – a delivery van with racing stripes?!


    • Yeah – next trip is August, but no time for an explore then – am extending my trip so I can spend more time with the kids. Possibly next Feb I’ll see if I can stop somewhere – Singapore probably – might have to come to you for some tips!


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