Ticket to crashville – admit one.

2 weeks ago I was out on the bike, minding my own business, having a great day in the hills, as one does.

Sundays are meant for this and the dirt roads of the Perth hills are generally peaceful and riding is good for the soul.

Well, that’s how it was supposed to be, anyway… Read More

Day trip to Boyagin Rock

As you may remember, I’ve got this foolhardy romantic notion of doing crazy motorcycle adventures.

Well, to do this, I need practice (and fitness – it’s very tiring riding motorbikes off-road) and also to get my bike setup.  So what better way to find out how unfit both myself and my bike are for this than to go on a marathon day ride out into the big empty yonder.

I’d spent a little while planning this out, pouring over Google Earth trying to piece together dirt roads and tracks to get to this place.  I’d made a track and exported to my phone’s GPS app (OsmAnd+ on Android). The bike was ready, I was ready.

It 6am, Sunday morning, my alarm went and it was time to go.

Firing up the mighty DR650, Boyagin Rock and Brookton here we come. Read More

500th Post! – Adventure Dreaming

Happy 500th postaversary,

I’ve been blogging for ages – close to 10 years now, but as is the way of things, blogs were started, burned, rekindled, abandoned.   But this one has been around since Feb 2008, which make it almost 6.  Not too shabby.  Theres been some ups and downs, but generally life is good.  Busy, crazy, but good.

So – this 500th postaversary  post is dedicated to an adventure (or more likely, multiple adventures) I want to have over the next 6 years.  Thats reasonable chunk of time, so it should be doable.

See, I’m a nerd.  As a geologist (by education and passion), I love amazing geological wonders – fossils, volcanoes, crazy sites of incredible geological importance.  So, I thought I’d pick a few incredible sites – world famous science changing sites that Australia has to offer, and go see them in person.

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