Pics from the daily commute – 2


Twas a lovely morning for it, but then it usually in in Perth in the summer to be fair.  You really have to be on the road early before the sun has had too much time to crank up the heat, but as I’m in work before 8, thats not usually a problem 🙂

Leaving home – always riding into the sun – it’s getting lower and lower in the morning too, which is a bit annoying.  Ah well..

Screenshot 2014-02-28 17.11.26Screenshot 2014-02-28 17.12.03

Gotta love tipping it into a roundabout..

Screenshot 2014-02-28 17.12.37Screenshot 2014-02-28 17.13.17

This clown on his 250 tailgated me, then dived on the inside as the traffic was slowing down, then preceded to give me a heart attack every few kilometres due to his inattentive and poor riding.  Every car pulling out, narrow gap or truck was a surprise to him as he wasn’t looking far enough ahead to work out what the traffic was doing.

Screenshot 2014-02-28 17.14.13Screenshot 2014-02-28 17.14.36Screenshot 2014-02-28 17.16.04

After all his rushing and speeding/braking through the traffic, for 20km, we got to the same place in the road at the same time.

Screenshot 2014-02-28 17.19.12

Approaching Perth

Screenshot 2014-02-28 17.21.03

On the way home – quiet roads

Screenshot 2014-02-28 17.21.40Screenshot 2014-02-28 17.22.32

Crossing over the freight railway in Kwinana

Screenshot 2014-02-28 17.24.21Screenshot 2014-02-28 17.24.59

Coming into Rockingham Foreshore.

Screenshot 2014-02-28 17.25.55

Looks very pretty these days, now some of the crappy old buildings have been upgraded

Screenshot 2014-02-28 17.26.15

And round the sharp left hander at Palm Beach

Screenshot 2014-02-28 17.26.39Screenshot 2014-02-28 17.27.01Screenshot 2014-02-28 17.27.20

It’s a great relaxing ride home along the beach.

Screenshot 2014-02-28 17.28.11Screenshot 2014-02-28 17.28.53

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