Pics from the daily commute – 1

I got a GoPro camera for taking all kinds of video footage, but primarily for taking videos when I’m on the bike.

The videos are fun (I’ll post some up later) but I don’t have a fast enough computer to be able to process my daily files and make decent clips (that’s about to change though, as I have a shiny iMac about to be delivered (if we can ever time the delivery to when we’re actually home..)) – but what I can do is take stills from the camera and show you all how fun my day is.

Every day, you have to watch out for unexpected stuff.  Mostly people that don’t look where they are going and pull out in front of you.

The GoPro lens is super wide angle and doesn’t show you how close the car really was – not an emergency, but close enough to have a WTF moment and to swear loudly inside my helmet!pull out2

Just to add to then fun – a load of clothes on the middle of the roundabout AND people who don’t look at the same time…

This charming lady…numberplate ‘QUEEN BJ’ – really?  Dawdling down the freeway slip, hitting the brakes then drifting over the white line.  Why…?


Because she’s too busy texting to look where she is going…  *sigh*  bj text

This is what happens next when you don’t pay attention…  Poor MR2.smash

Morning, Ducati 748.


Approaching the bustling metropolis of Perthia..perthia

Someone has got good taste.  Love a nice Jag.jag

Murray St used to be one way, now it’s 2 way and its chaos in the mornings..murray

Thats it for now – more later!!

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