500th Post! – Adventure Dreaming

Happy 500th postaversary,

I’ve been blogging for ages – close to 10 years now, but as is the way of things, blogs were started, burned, rekindled, abandoned.   But this one has been around since Feb 2008, which make it almost 6.  Not too shabby.  Theres been some ups and downs, but generally life is good.  Busy, crazy, but good.

So – this 500th postaversary  post is dedicated to an adventure (or more likely, multiple adventures) I want to have over the next 6 years.  Thats reasonable chunk of time, so it should be doable.

See, I’m a nerd.  As a geologist (by education and passion), I love amazing geological wonders – fossils, volcanoes, crazy sites of incredible geological importance.  So, I thought I’d pick a few incredible sites – world famous science changing sites that Australia has to offer, and go see them in person.

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