I finally (after weeks of being lazy) posted off the latest batch of Holga and 35mm film to be processed.

Should get it all back next week, thats 9 films (5×120 and 4x35mil) – hopefully one or two shots are decent in that batch! I know there’s going to be a few duff ones as the back came off the Holga twice, so I strongly suspect I’ll get a heap of blown out ruined ones, although I am hoping not too many.

I’ve just started planning my fun for next year with the Holga – I’m going to get together a proper portfolio (if I ever send the fookin’ things off to be developed) and start offering Lomo/Holga wedding photography.

There’s something so nuts in the way those shots come out that I bet I could get a few gigs a year for couples who don’t want the traditional shots.

My plan is to buy 3 or 4 Holga’s and a couple of Diana F’s, a Superheadz Golden Half and perhaps even a Lomo LCF, load them up with all kinds of different films (depending on lighting, time of day, clients wishes etc) and have some fun with it.

Oh, and a Golden Half, by the way, is a 35mm 1/2 frame toy camera (72 shots on a roll) – its teeny and crap and lovely and I want one!


I’ll take the digital too, as I have an awesome Holga simulator in Photoshop if needed.

Its not going to be an easy option, and really, its going to be more expensive to do it this way than digital with the raw materials cost of film and processing (around $15-20 per 12 shots) but I can imagine with the right clients, getting some WICKED shots.

In preparation for this monumental journey into madness, I have created a couple of blogs, eventually, I’ll get a domain and link them together blah blah, but here’s what I was thinking…


3 Comments on “Holga-tastic

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  2. Oh my god. I am totally coveting that Golden Half. Thanks for giving me something else to start obsessing over.

    PS…make sure you post some of your Holga shots! I wanna see!


    • Hehe 🙂 they’re very cutesy and the 1/2 frame thing is pretty cool. Luckily, being plastic, they cost peanuts. There’s nothing stopping you giving into to your obsession!!

      Holga shots will be posted as soon as I get them back, probably towards the end of the week 🙂


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