shooting with the Trip

I have the Trip 35 and the Holga with me today as promised and guess what – it was fookin’ cloudy again this morning.  Not a problem for the Trip, but the Holga needs sun.

So, I popped out across the road for a coffee with one the guys I work with and took the Trip.

The good thing about Perth is the traffic lights take an age to change and all go in sequence – none of this filtering across traffic to turn right or anything – so its possible to sit in the middle of St Georges Terrace, the main road through the center of Perth and take photos down the middle of the road before the cars start moving again.

So I did.  Squatted down and took some snaps looking down the barrel of cars waiting for green a light.

Then, to the horror of the security guards in the courtyard of QV1 – I *gasp* took some photos there too.  The guards started closing in, calling on their walkie talkies.  I mean, what a liberty, an open space and a camera.  I must be a terrorist, dammit, I even have brown eyes and a beard.   Its almost certain that I’ll go away and develop the film in my secret lair, studying the picture for the slightest security weaknesses.

Too bad for them then that I just walked off before they could aprehend Perth’s answer to The Jackal.

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