howdy neighbour

as I was clearing away some of the garden rubbish out the front, the neighbours across the road came out to potter about their front garden before going on an evening stroll, as is their want every night.

They are a retired couple, probably in their early 70s and they have a lovely house and garden. I decided to walk over and say hi.

And they’re lovely, so friendly with a good sense of humour. I can tell the previous owners and tenants of my house have been neglectful of it in the past as their questions are subtly directed at what I’ve done to the house garden so far, what I’m doing now and what I’m going to do.

The garden is in a bit of a flux state right now – my hacking back, pruning, digging and irrigation repairs has probably made the garden look worse than it did a few months ago – especially the front lawn after I had 3 big trees taken out and am in the middle of a serious weed and feed blitz.

The neighbours make no secret they are pleased I’m working on making it look good (it was so neglected when we bought the house) and promise to come over sometime with cuttings of plants from their garden

I feel a little bit more a real part of things here after that..


…for my films to come back.

They’ll be another few days and I can’t wait! There’s something magical in this process that digital can’t offer. Loading into Lightroom or Photoshop and processing is a bit sterile. Perhaps if I took more photos and did more creative things with the camera instead of opening a beer and chilling on the patio ๐Ÿ™‚

In other news, I’m making progress with the garden – off to buy some kerb stones to mark off the lawns from the flowerbeds tomorrow. Then seed the grass and get some flowers. Hopefully the almost endless summer sunshine we get here will take care of the rest. Even the grapevine is thriving after a really good chop earlier in the year – I’m going to start training it over the patio roof so we can sit under an Italian style canopy.

There’s nothing better than relaxing in a garden you sculpted yourself. Well, in my case, wrestled into submission.

sunday sunday, so good to me..

Ok, its a day earlier than the Mama’s and the Papa’s had it.

Its been a very slumpy day today – I did the weeding and feeding and dressing the bits of the lawn with wetting agent and thats about all I’ve really done so far.

I should get to speak to the kids on Skype in a bit and then probably take my step-daughters to the park once its cooled off a bit. No photos yet, I might go out between the park and dinner time, but as its so warm, I might just buy some cold beers and sit outside with the wafting scent of sandalwood and citronella..

Anwyay, hope all your weekends are going similarly swimmingly ๐Ÿ™‚

More later. Possibly.

fixed it, I did

Fixed the irrigation this afternoon.

It just required the fuses to be replaced and the new cable runs that I did the other day to be rejoined with proper cable connecting clips. I also re-wound the tape round a few of the older (but as far as I know, non functioning) cable joins, just to be sure.

Tested the connections with a multimeter to ensure I hadn’t stuffed up and joined the common to the power circuit by mistake (I hadn’t) and then did some test runs.

And blow me down if it doesn’t all work. I replaced a few old and crap sprinklers with new pop-ups and thats it, job done.

Tomorrow, the adventures of the world’s most boring man continues with weed and feed and preparing the ground for grass seed. Go me.

Think I’ll go out and take some photos tomorrow, its been a while.


Irrigation, reticulation, sprinklers, watering, call it what you will, its all the same and I flimmin’ well hate it.

So, after getting a new pump for the bore, it turned out the pump relay was also busted (probably happened as the old pump burned out) so that needed a sparky to come out and replace it – simple job actually, but not one I could (or would be allowed, regulations here being what they are) sort.

So, with working pump again, all the sprinklers were working, except the troublesome single station from before. It took a few hours of buggering about with the retic repair guy, changing cables, wires, testing with multimeters, changing solenoids, cleaning valves etc before we kinda diagnosed the problem.

Problems, actually.

The wiring is crap – each of the control wires for the other 4 stations has power when they shouldn’t
Theres no separate common for the valves, just, it seems, a shared one for the pump.
None of the wires to the troublesome 5th solenoid seem to work at all.

So, to fix it – I need to run a new cable from the control box to the 5th solenoid with a new common and new control wire. 30 metres of it, up the wall, along the garage roof, down the wall, along the bottom of the fence for 20 metres and into the valve.

Then, just need to rejig the order the valves are wired into the controller, put the last of the turf back and its done. And I’ll be $1000 poorer.

And then there’s the aircon, which I suspect isn’t working because the ducting has come away from the bottom of the evaporative housing.


I’ll take a look, but I bet I’ll have to call someone out.. *sigh*

more things off the list..

Been a busy boy this week – managed to get a few things done from the list

Fixed the leaking hot water relief valve. Well, thats a slight untruth – one of my friends who had some spare PTFE tape and a spanner put the new valve on for me. I could have done it, but I’d just spend a fortune on tools and didnt want to buy a wrench just for that one job.

Uncovered another solenoid valve in the garden – the mystery of the reticulation continues – one of the wires was broken but fixing it didnt wake it work. However, removing the inspection screw and allowing water to escape from the top of the solenoid valve made the non-functioning sprinklers work. Go figure.

Have no idea what that means or how to fix it. I might just cut the bloody thing out of the loop and be done with it – I’m not sure I need another working station in the back, it can all run off the one circuit and I’ll throttle the individual sprinklers as needed to adjust the flow.

The good news is I can put most of the garden back now, fill in all the holes and settle and fix all the remaining sprinklers. Its just a matter of chopping the valve out and gluing in a new T section. Easy job.

Weed and feeded (fed?) the front lawn last night. Its quite a big area and used an entire 11kg bag of the stuff. However it was a bit windy and I managed to snort 1/2 the bag up my nose like Amy Winehouse on a coke bender. I hope Ammonium Sulphate isnt toxic, cos all I can smell now is eggs and cleaning products. **sniff**

Oh, and I have a cold too. Which is nice. Not.


Just put the spade through one of the reticulation pipes whilst trying to trace them across the garden so I can fix a few non-functioning sprinklers.

And gaffer tape didn’t fix it.