Fog and Mist and updates

So it’s been very wet here recently. Deluges of biblical proportions kind of wet.

It’s good, the dams need it – although very wet winters do create bushfire fuel problems for the summer.

Anyways, it was very foggy/misty here after a very wet week and I decided to get off my fat arse and go take some pictures up by the local dam.

It was completely deserted there, which makes it slightly eerie and also very awesome at the same time. 

I was hoping for mist rising off the water, but I was really too late for that – but it was hanging about in the trees on the sides of the valley and looked pretty awesome.   


Anyways – there ya go.  Thank you, little X100T with your Fujifilm goodness.  Truly lovely rendering, 

We’re having a bit of a Covid19 resurgence here in Australia.  Here in WA we’re pretty much back to normal as there are no community cases, but we are locked within the state borders for now.  Victoria and new NSW have had a sudden outbreak – and have set things back for some months.  Yeah, thanks guys.  Didn’t help that the stupid state governments allowed the BLM protests to go ahead (whilst still forcing business to stay closed and citizens to otherwise stay at home.. yeah, that didn’t go unnoticed) but anyways..


Between the rain, we’ve had some lovely days and it’s been nice enough to get out walking/running with the doggo. 


We also got some new chickens – the current one is not very happy about this tho, and it determined to fight them.  So for now they are separated in the chicken run and are getting used to each other,


We had another fantastic misty morning the other day – the sun coming through the trees and mist looked awesome!


Its also burning season – so I’ve been getting as much of the wood burned as I can from the 2 trees that I had taken down – theres still a fair bit to get through, but it’s getting there!


 And lastly – it’s orange, lemon and mandarin (and clover) season here – and because its been wet, they are juicy as!  YUM!


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