Out and About

I’ve been keeping busy since I did the epic half marathon run, carrying on exercising but nothing quite so long or exhausting, plus my ankles are not feeling that happy with running (again..)

I even got up at 5am on a Saturday morning to hike to the top of a local ‘mountain’ to watch the sunrise.  More on that below!

1: 6km local loop

There’s a couple of loops that I walk or run behind the house that are great for after work workouts.  Well, they were – the nights are closing in a bit here in Perth (we never get long evenings like Europe because people voted to end daylight savings.. meh) – be headtorch hiking soon!

Here’s 3 pics from during the week when the light was amazing in the evening.  You can just make out the right side refraction rainbow from a sundog to the left middle of the second picture.  And if you look closely at picture 3, you can see the resident kangaroos!


2.  Sunrise shenanigans

Starting early, I drove about 20 mins down the road and parked up next to the Bibbulmun Track  and hiked by headlamp up the track and onto Sullivans Rock.

20190302_053707.jpgI was there a little early for the sunrise and rather than just wait around I hot footed it up to Mt Cuthbert about 2km away – was pretty steep climb and I was pushing it timewise – sunrise was at 6am and I didnt want to miss it!DSCF5959.jpg

Got to the top a few mins before – just in time to find the best vantage point and wait for the sun to poke itself over the mountains in the distance.DSCF5963.jpg

20190302_060309.jpg20190302_060530.jpgDSCF5974.jpgDSCF5985.jpgDSCF5993.jpgTook a few shots on the way down as the light washed over the landscape. Had the whole place to myself – was fantastic!DSCF6003.jpgDSCF6032.jpg

3.  Kitty’s Gorge – Jarrahdale to Serpentine Falls and back.

Yes, this is something I’ve done a fair bit, but it was a lovely day (if a little warm – more on this in a minute).  I loaded 3l of iced water in to the camelbak and set off – it’s just under 16km return from my front door and it’s a pretty steep climb back up.

The trail starts off pretty easy – I’ve taken a load of photos all over here before – it’s lovely though and if you’re just interested in a short walk from jarrahdale – Stacey’s Loop is a 2km relatively easy walk, or its about 7km to the first waterfalls and back (which is just before it gets steep and rocky)

20190303_135831.jpg20190303_140353.jpgViews over the Gooralong Brook Valley – it’s pretty steep downhill from here!20190303_142322.jpgThe path dives down over the ridge – onwards!20190303_142326.jpgEventually at the bluff overlooking Serpentine Falls 20190303_145418.jpg20190303_145631.jpg20190303_145638.jpgSerpentine Falls – not much water in the summer – what little there is is actually tee-ed off the drinking water pipeline and pumped over in summer20190303_150202.jpgA cool off, some snacks and more water, then time to head back20190303_154511.jpg20190303_154327.jpgKangaroos in the dry Serpentine riverbed20190303_154457.jpgIn the final few km uphill I realised I had no more energy in my legs – it was just so hot – 36 degrees.

But I pushed on and made it back – not a bad time either given how hilly it was.  In fact, not really appreciably slower than when I ran it last time LOL!

20190303_165310-1.jpgUnfortunately, I think I actually went too hard and suffered from heatstroke and maybe even dehydration (odd, given the amount of water I had, but then it was bloody hot) and felt terrible for the rest of the evening.  I’ve even been taking electrolytes today as my calves were cramping.  Ouch.

All in all though a great walk!

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