Mangles Bay

I had a few spare hours yesterday as Jay was writing, so I packed up the camera and headed out to take some shots.  I initially wanted to go to one of the jetties in Rockingham and get some more long exposure shots, but I’ve kinda done that to death for the moment already.

So I wandered over to Mangles Bay, where the boats are moored with the aim to get some boaty/long exposure/moving sky style photos

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learning to fly

I went to Shoalwater Beach the other weekend to see the kitesurfers in action as the wind was blowing and I thought I might get a few shots with the wide angle lens.

Stupidly, I was wearing jeans, so I couldn’t get as close to the water as I would have liked – must remember to take shorts next time.

Anyway, as usual, the guys (and girls – of which there were a good few out) down there were really cool and friendly and happy to chat and pull few moves for the camera, flying upside down and all over the place, so I ended up getting some very interesting shots.  I can’t decide if I prefer the ultra wide angle or the 18-200mm that I used on the last shots of Aaron.

So, Michael, Jamie and friends – thanks – see you back down there soon.

Apologies for the sheer number of shots, there are lots of cool ones!