Mangles Bay

I had a few spare hours yesterday as Jay was writing, so I packed up the camera and headed out to take some shots.  I initially wanted to go to one of the jetties in Rockingham and get some more long exposure shots, but I’ve kinda done that to death for the moment already.

So I wandered over to Mangles Bay, where the boats are moored with the aim to get some boaty/long exposure/moving sky style photos

Well, it turned out that I am a numbskull.  I had the wrong tripod plate attached to the camera, so I was limited to handled shots only.  So I wandered up and down the beach and chatted to a few people, taking the odd shot here and there, but really thinking I need to go back and get the right tripod mount plate.

We’ve had a few storms recently, and there were a few boats sunk out to see and more than a few washed up on the beach.  I’m amazed that nobody tries to salvage them sooner.   The next storm (scheduled for Tuesday) will total any boat that’s not properly secured .

The boatyard, as I’m sure I’ve mentioned before, is kinda scruffy, but tucked away on the edge of town near Point Peron, which is a protected nature reserve/national park thing.  Well, the government, in its infinite wisdom, has decided to un-protect a chunk of land previously handed over to the people and designated as ‘Bush Forever’ and sell it to developers to build a load of houses and a new shiny concrete tourist precinct and marina.

Go to Hands Off Point Peron for more details.  Personally, I think these plans go way too far – a full on canal side luxury housing development is way out of line and vast marina with shops and bars and things is just dumb and will ruin the character of the bay forever.  Keep it simple.

Anyway, some shots.

Entrance to Mangles Bay from the road

Its a beautiful bay

The boat yard is not that pretty though.  Nice car, even if the people are not very friendly.

You can see why the place needs a clean up – a lot of the tenders have really seen better days. I don’t know how long this one has been since it was last used.

Partly submerged in the sand after the storms

Pushed up against the bush at the edge of the beach


The yacht this one belongs to has a cool name.  Not sure it’s owner visits regularly though..

Swamped and washed ashore, complete with engine, that I suspect is no longer working

sunk, abandoned, wrecked.

Enough of the snapshots, I went home to get the right tripod plate, but when I came back it was raining pretty hard.

I didn’t have to wait long though, pretty soon the light started to play nice and it was time to get some ‘proper’ shots. This boat had come off its mooring and had washed up on the beach – someone had dragged an anchor ashore to make sure it didn’t go anywhere else, but I can help thinking that come the storms next week, it’ll be wrecked if they don’t sort it.


Long exposure shot – the boats were moving ever so slightly on the water, you couldn’t see it standing there, but a couple of minutes exposure shows it up

The light was fading now, so I started to walk back to the car

As I got back to the gate, the horizon was filled with sheets of rain.

So that was my day.  A nice mooch about, some good light, some pretty photos and back in time to get wine and pizza before we settled in for a chilled evening.

11 Comments on “Mangles Bay

  1. got some really sweet shot there, i may have to get down there some time. as for the boats being sunk, a few of the owners live away and dont get to see them and some are waiting for insurance assessors to go check them out. my boss has his down there and went past twice last week to check it. he’s already been offered on of those sunken yachts.


    • You should get down there, when the light is right, there’s so many interesting things to point the camera at!

      Nice way to get a boat if you have the facilities to repair one! I’d love a project like that!


    • Thank you! Glad you like them! Sometimes its nice to be taken on a little journey in a foreign land, even if its only up the length of one small beach over a the light of couple of hours 🙂


  2. Love those couple of shots with the red hulled sailboat on its side.

    No scrap that. Like ’em all. Can’t discriminate between shots of my favourite subject matter 🙂


    • Thanks 🙂 I had no idea that red boat was going to be there, I guess thats one of the best reasons to ‘just go out with the camera’ – you never know what’s waiting..


    • Thanks 🙂 The sky is very large in this country – the clouds are usually pretty high and there’s not much in the way of high buildings to get in its way 🙂 The ultra wide angle lens gives that sense of big sky too!


  3. First off enjoyed the photo’s, you have a good eye.
    The red boat belongs to a friend and is now safely on a trailer inside the the TCYC hardstand (scruffy boatyard). There is not much point spending any of the members hard-earned on upgrading if the development axe is swinging and it will all get dug-up, in fact that is the main reason the holiday chalets haven’t been upgraded as many of the tenants have been on month to month leases just recently extended into next year.
    As with any club hardstand there are many boat refurbishments ongoing with the dream always in the minds eye, many of those projects will outlive the owner – What’s life without dreams.


    • Thanks Dave – glad you liked the pics 🙂
      Also glad your friend managed to save his boat without too much fuss – I saw a few boats were sunk at their moorings at the same time 😦
      That boatyard is an interesting place – I walk around there a lot as there’s lots of character there, lots of things that make good photos. I have no problem with the yard wanting better facilities – I think the marina project should target that. Smartening up the place and adding facilities is just what it needs. Something targeting those dreams is perfect. Something bringing hundreds of canal side houses and a massive Hillarys style development is missing the point. Plus theres that bushland forever thing..
      Maybe see you down there one day 😉


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