and there was more..

More Kitesurfing action from Safety Bay, Rockingham.

Standing in the middle of the lagoon might be good for photos, but is also way too good for toe nipping crabs!

learning to fly

I went to Shoalwater Beach the other weekend to see the kitesurfers in action as the wind was blowing and I thought I might get a few shots with the wide angle lens.

Stupidly, I was wearing jeans, so I couldn’t get as close to the water as I would have liked – must remember to take shorts next time.

Anyway, as usual, the guys (and girls – of which there were a good few out) down there were really cool and friendly and happy to chat and pull few moves for the camera, flying upside down and all over the place, so I ended up getting some very interesting shots.  I can’t decide if I prefer the ultra wide angle or the 18-200mm that I used on the last shots of Aaron.

So, Michael, Jamie and friends – thanks – see you back down there soon.

Apologies for the sheer number of shots, there are lots of cool ones!