Summer in England 2016 – part 6 – Riverhill Gardens

Gone past this place more than a thousand times and never even been curious to go in, but as we’ve done pretty every attraction within 50 miles, I was looking for something new.

I saw it advertised on one of those ‘100 things to do in Kent’ websites and it looked interesting enough for a day out.  The kids took a look at the website and quickly agreed, especially with the promise of lunch out.

Game on

Riverhill House and Gardens is just outside Sevenoaks – (website here: so it was a short ride to get there.


Its a gorgeous house set in huge grounds on the Greensand Ridge (for you geology minded folks – check here  overlooking the Weald of Kent and up to the sandstones of Ashdown Forest beyond.  The views from the top of the grounds are outstanding – see later!


First we did some ‘wild clay making’ overseen by a delightfully posh girl who was there to help the children make something amazing.

Ella and Henry went their own way (being slightly older than this activity was really meant for) and started making their own designs.  Henry a maze and Ella a plate with her own designs on it.


The clay was left to air dry and we went off for a walk around the beautiful gardens.


On the side of the hill was a copse of woodland that had been given over to den building – there were so many dens there it was amazing.  I was pretty tempted to help make one with the kids, but they liked this one that had already been done.


The path came out on top of the ridge and the view was amazing.  There was a wildflower meadow right at the top and then grass down the bank back down to the gardens.  Perfect spot for a picnic.  Next time maybe.dscf4405dscf4396dscf4402dscf4407dscf4408

We wandered off down the gardens again and weaved through the rhododendrons until we got to a lovely set of walled gardens – I would totally love a walled garden (but not the effort it would require to keep it up!)dscf4418dscf4421dscf4422dscf4424dscf4428dscf4431dscf4433dscf4436dscf4438dscf4439dscf4440dscf4441dscf4442

We had some lunch (nice, but quite expensive – beware!) in the cafe and then went up to the adventure playground so the kids could burn off some steam

Ella is really getting too old for this kind of thing – just a matter of time now before the age gap between her and Henry makes itself felt again 😦

Great day out – well worth it I think – its a bit different and there’s a lot going on for younger kids. Happy days.

4 Comments on “Summer in England 2016 – part 6 – Riverhill Gardens

  1. I have been there and it is well worth a visit. Plenty of space for children to roam/run off steam.


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