Easter in England 2015 – part 2

We often go out for lunch to Sevenoaks when I’m over – a special treat in a really nice restaurant that is open all day – so early or late is no problem.  It’s not normally packed out, so we can usually just rock up and get a table without an issue.

This place specialises in pizza, which makes everyone happy 😉It’s always interesting to sit and watch people walk by and as my daughter gets older, she’s started to become more self aware and fashion conscious, so it was fun to hear her commentary on some of the fashion ‘missteps’ as they walked past!

DSCF2102 DSCF2104

The Juke.  Hateful thing.  Actually it wasn’t too bad, it was big enough a doddle to drive and was pretty economic, but the ride was a bit crashy over poor surfaces and the styling left a lot to be desired.  Internal storage for nick knacks was a bit crap compared to other cars too, except in the boot, which was cleverly compartmented.  6/10.


So we went to the woods


This is the first time she’s been able to do this..


Gotta find a good stick for the occasion.  Sword fighting is a must!


Love the woods in Spring, just before it all explodes into leaf.  Actually, another few weeks is even better – where those first leaves have started and the woods take on an almost acid green hue.  It was a beautiful afternoon – warm and the winter mud was rapidly drying out.  This was always my favourite time of year for mountain biking in these woods too.


The rope swing was still there hanging from the big ancient beech tree and of course, an (almost) teenage Ella, once we’d established it was safe enough, was quickly swinging wildly from it, her feet at least 2 metres above the ground at maximum swing.  No fear, these kids.


Even Henry got in on the action.  It’s very pleasing to see him toughen up a bit!

DSCF2126 DSCF2128 DSCF2129  DSCF2138DSCF2145

And any trip would not be complete without a visit to the hole in the tree.

DSCF2141 DSCF2143

Here’s me with my Mum when I was about 3 or maybe 4 jumping through the same tree – my sister scrambling up behind.  The hole has closed up a bit in 40 years. This pic must have been taken by my Dad as we went for a walk on a nice warm summer day.


Good times.

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