Summer in England 2017 – part 3 – a visit to Scotney Castle

After a few days We were thinking of places we hadn’t been to that weren’t too far away and we settled on Scotney Castle.

It was about 40 minutes drive and despite being a beautiful Sunday after a few days of rain, we managed not to get too caught up in the traffic the notoriously busy roads that head down towards the south coast.  The kids were happy – another new place to go, with the promise of a lunch out and maybe ice creams later. Read More

Back to England – part 2

The weather was beautiful, so we made the most of the local parks and my parents garden (which has a teeny freshwater crayfish in the brook that runs through it), playing with the kids and generally having fun.  We made good use of the village shop and bought all kinds of yummy treats – thats the one good thing about living in a village – the trusty shop, which sells all kinds of esoteric stuff, including some yummy Kentish beer 🙂 Read More

castles (part2)

Leeds Castle was cool, a bit too cool actually, we ended up tired and cold and missed the driving rain by seconds as we got back to the car.

The next day was completely different – sunny and warm with a gentle breeze, so we went about a mile down the road to Ightham Mote, a wonderful moated medieval manor house, dating from 1320, perfectly preserved, and lovingly restored, hidden in a sunny wooded valley

Its an interesting place, as it is relatively modest by aristocratic standards, it attracted a series of modest and sympathetic owners who only subtly enhanced its liability and refrained from major modification. This means it really does look pretty much as it did in the middle ages. Cool!

The kids loved it, they thought it was so magical – and it is – its a marvellous place like no other really. Henry was a champ and managed to get around the place quite happily without touching anything too priceless, Ella did a quiz that the National Trust had laid on and we all got ice creams to finish. Beautiful day.

The best and mist curious thing is that I’ve lived almost next door to this place until I went to university, came back home a few times since and this is the first time I’ve ever paid to go in. Glad I waited, was nice to share something like this with the kids.