Routine and results

After a while, the new plan becomes routine.

I’m getting used to exercise and diet.  I actually look forward to my time after work and at weekends to push myself a bit further, a bit faster.   I feel fitter, faster, have more energy

I’ve been watching my diet, walking, running, biking, limping, for 9 weeks now.  And it works.  Its pretty simple really.

Eat less and healthier, burn off calories and turn fat into muscle.

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bike restoration

As you may remember, I am restoring my old mountain bike from 1993 with plans to turn it into a lightweight singlespeed demon street racer.

Having stripped the frame, bought the replacement parts, fixed up the old suspension forks with parts from a niche supplier in the US, prepared, under coated and resprayed the frame in storm trooper white, I then discovered that the headset I had is too tall for the steerer tube of the fork.

In short, I can’t go any further

Not without sourcing a really low stack height vintage threaded headset, which they haven’t really made since the mid 90’s, or scouring ebay for a fork with smooth steerer that will work with a modern style headset (or a vintage one with a longer threaded steerer)

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