2012 never was a year to just stand idly by and play nice.

It’s been an utter shit to a load of people I know.  I thought I’d made it through unscathed, I mean, only 6 or 7 weeks to go before 2013, I’d be fine, right?

Well, for the last 3 months, I saw trouble ahead, but the good ship Charlie, despite steering hard a port, struck the iceberg of economic uncertainty fair and square.  Yes, the mining industry, with all it’s ‘locked in investment pipeline’ is busy unlocking and re-assigning cash from Australia as fast as it can, and unfortunately, my job went with it.

I saw it coming – well, not perfectly, kinda like the Titanic in James Cameron’s epic film – it was a glancing blow, but ultimately whatever action I was taking was already too slow.

So I find myself on the dole, unemployed, redundant, retrenched.

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toys glorious toys!

So, if you hadn’t already guessed, I’m a big kid who loves his toys

I like goofing about, I used to ride mountain bikes very fast down hills (until my poor old bones couldn’t take it any more), I love playing with Nerf guns, I love pranks (but rarely get to play them – so hard trying to be a responsible career orientated father/step father), I have lots of shiny cameras, love playing my guitar like a legend and would totally play with lego all day if I could get away with it.

Yes, I’m a 41 year old boy.

So, what better way to celebrate that than buying a big (ok, actually, not that big) shiny red motorbike.

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bike restoration

As you may remember, I am restoring my old mountain bike from 1993 with plans to turn it into a lightweight singlespeed demon street racer.

Having stripped the frame, bought the replacement parts, fixed up the old suspension forks with parts from a niche supplier in the US, prepared, under coated and resprayed the frame in storm trooper white, I then discovered that the headset I had is too tall for the steerer tube of the fork.

In short, I can’t go any further

Not without sourcing a really low stack height vintage threaded headset, which they haven’t really made since the mid 90’s, or scouring ebay for a fork with smooth steerer that will work with a modern style headset (or a vintage one with a longer threaded steerer)

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