Fathers Day

It was, a while ago now, I’m a few weeks behind with my posting, fathers day in Oz.

Jay and the girls wanted to take me for a nice lunch out and a mooch around Kings Park in Perth to look at the spring flowers.  I still get confused.  Having grown up in the UK, the seasons and the months are 180 degrees apart.  As me a snap question – what season is September  – I’ll answer Autumn every time.  Ah well, maybe one of these days I’ll go native.

Kings Park is huge – 1000 acres (4sq km) of botanic gardens and native bushland just outside Perth city centre. It’s on a hill and has amazing views across the Swan River and the sweep of the city, plus it has an extraordinary collection of native wildflowers.

In a couple of weeks, its going to be hosting the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting – even the Queen and Pip are coming.

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club night

I go to a photography club every month in order to learn from other people, but also to have my photos judged by some top class judges from locally in Western Australia and also nationally.

I’ve only been going for about 6 months, and so far, I’ve managed to get at least one photo each time I’ve been in the top 3 of the submissions – at least I’m doing something right then!

Last month was no exception – managing to get 1st, 3rd and 4th in the open (non modified) class – I was pretty pleased as I think I’m improving month my month.

The club has a monthly theme, which I aim to have a go at if I can – however I’m normally rushing about at the 11th hour trying to think of something to take a shot of! So, in order to avoid that this month, I thought I’d start early. The theme is “abstract macro” which is tougher than it sounds. It really requires a macro lens, which I do have, although it’s only a 50mm which is really the wrong focal length.

Umming and ahhhing over what I’d take, I had a go with some flowers and a chilli in the garden, but as nice as the shots were, they weren’t abstract.

see what I mean?

Nice, might even do well blown right up onto a canvas, but not abstract enough for me.

So, onwards and upwards, we try again, this time, a different subject

can you tell what it is? I think the first and last shots kinda give it away, but I’m not submitting those 😉