Fathers Day

It was, a while ago now, I’m a few weeks behind with my posting, fathers day in Oz.

Jay and the girls wanted to take me for a nice lunch out and a mooch around Kings Park in Perth to look at the spring flowers.  I still get confused.  Having grown up in the UK, the seasons and the months are 180 degrees apart.  As me a snap question – what season is September  – I’ll answer Autumn every time.  Ah well, maybe one of these days I’ll go native.

Kings Park is huge – 1000 acres (4sq km) of botanic gardens and native bushland just outside Perth city centre. It’s on a hill and has amazing views across the Swan River and the sweep of the city, plus it has an extraordinary collection of native wildflowers.

In a couple of weeks, its going to be hosting the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting – even the Queen and Pip are coming.

It was a beautifully sunny and warm day, so we had lots of time to explore, take photos, eat, eat more and then chill whilst the girls burned off the calories in the park.

move along now, nothing to see here…

After lunch, we went for a wander.  The girls wanted to do some of the flying shots that I did with Ella, but Piper is like Henry and can’t jump and Anja has a little too much enthusiasm.  I think we’ll have to work on this in the garden!!

It was now time for some coffee and cake – a very important part of any day out.  I left the cake for the girls – their metabolism is much better adapted to the sugar than mine!

We walked back to the car when Anja spotted a bull ant perched on the top of a fence post.  These things are nasty little (well, not that little, this one was maybe 5cm (2 inches) long) buggers that can bite and also sting like a hornet.  It watched me like a hawk as I shoved the macro lens right in its face, but was content just guarding its post and made no attempt to murderize me. Was very happy to get such a clear shot.

If you’re ever in Perth, a day out in Kings Park comes highly recommended.

Next up – a review of exciting new Australian magazine “The Smith Journal’



9 Comments on “Fathers Day

    • Thanks Jenny! The ant is way cool – little did I know they were so nasty. Next time, it’s the zoom lens and a safe distance…


  1. You guys looks like you had the most amazing time. The flower photos nearly took my breath away. Beautiful. I also loved the spontaneous jumping shots and of course you know I loved the sweets. The lighting is incredible. Thanks for sharing this with us.


    • Hey – glad you like the shots Kay 🙂 yeah, we had a nice day – plenty for everyone to smile about, which is pretty much all you can ask for 🙂


  2. Great flower shots. Every year I tell myself I should make it up to Kings Park to enjoy the festival, but then I consider fighting through half a million people and think “nah, I’ll just make it a point to go bush during wildflower season next year” and chicken out. Heh. To my credit, we usually do go somewhere during wildflower season, but plain clear forgot this year.

    That macro shot of the ant rocks!


    • Thanks 🙂 I’m trying not to just post endless flower pics, but they’re so pretty!!
      You should go on a canola field hunt – it’s just about the perfect time for it, plus you can get away from clutches of suburbia at the same time.
      That ant was cool – if I’d known that they were such feisty blighters beforehand, I may have been more circumspect!


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