Red Wine Wednesday – Tatty Road Shiraz 2012

So, wine lovers, it’s Wednesday already and have I got an interesting wine for you this week!

It’s a long story, bear with me!

My bank has a points based loyalty thing with my credit card that accumulates a point for every $ spent on MasterCard and 2 points for every $ on American Express.  It’s the same account for both cards, so it doesn’t matter which one I use – anyway – normally these reward schemes are pretty crap, but not this one.

I get loads of free stuff for my points – and they do wine!!

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Red Wine Wednesday – The Exhibitionist

So, Its that time of the week again.

Well, lets be more specific, its the time of the week where I write about the wine I drink as if it’s the only day I do the drinking.  There are may be other days of the week where I am unfaithful to Wednesday, but the specifics of which are in the hands of my lawyers and will be used in court when the wine brands start battling for my affections*

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