Back to England – part 2

The weather was beautiful, so we made the most of the local parks and my parents garden (which has a teeny freshwater crayfish in the brook that runs through it), playing with the kids and generally having fun.  We made good use of the village shop and bought all kinds of yummy treats – thats the one good thing about living in a village – the trusty shop, which sells all kinds of esoteric stuff, including some yummy Kentish beer 🙂

England really is awesome when the sun shines.  Well, certainly this little corner is – teeny lanes to explore, pub gardens, little streams and wine open views from the rolling downs. I’m very lucky to have grown up there and I love taking the kids back.  There still so many places to show them too!

The cousins came over and we played lots, made cake and went to the top park

Then we all went out for a play in Knole Park – a Tudor deer park that surrounds historic Knole House – a very cool place that features very heavily in my own childhood memories.

Then we all went off to get some lunch with my parents.

Next up – yummy lunch!

2 Comments on “Back to England – part 2

    • I was pretty worried – summers have been pretty average in the UK for a few years now! Had a great time though – next visit in February I’m not expecting so much sun!


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