Riding around

I decided to take the bike out on a gratuitous run around yesterday.  It’s been ages since I’ve just walked or driven about with the camera on my own for the sake of it.  In fact, the last time might have been when I went to Brisbane with work.  Crap, huh?

So this post is kinda dedicated to a fellow blogger – a veritable Arkansas Traveller – Jeffrey, who takes pictures and blogs about rural Arkansas as he cycles about.  I totally love that – it’s just about getting out there.  Go find him here

It was a really hot day – into the 30’s before lunch, but there was a storm front coming down from the north, bringing cloud and interesting skies.

So around 5pm I jumped on the bike, put the trusty little LX5 in my pocket and headed out to take some shots from the coast.  Areas I have plenty of pictures of already – mostly way better ones than I could hope to get with just the pocket camera, but I don’t care – it was just nice to get out and get some air.  Plus I got to ride the bike, which still makes me feel like a spitfire pilot. Read More


2012 never was a year to just stand idly by and play nice.

It’s been an utter shit to a load of people I know.  I thought I’d made it through unscathed, I mean, only 6 or 7 weeks to go before 2013, I’d be fine, right?

Well, for the last 3 months, I saw trouble ahead, but the good ship Charlie, despite steering hard a port, struck the iceberg of economic uncertainty fair and square.  Yes, the mining industry, with all it’s ‘locked in investment pipeline’ is busy unlocking and re-assigning cash from Australia as fast as it can, and unfortunately, my job went with it.

I saw it coming – well, not perfectly, kinda like the Titanic in James Cameron’s epic film – it was a glancing blow, but ultimately whatever action I was taking was already too slow.

So I find myself on the dole, unemployed, redundant, retrenched.

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toys glorious toys!

So, if you hadn’t already guessed, I’m a big kid who loves his toys

I like goofing about, I used to ride mountain bikes very fast down hills (until my poor old bones couldn’t take it any more), I love playing with Nerf guns, I love pranks (but rarely get to play them – so hard trying to be a responsible career orientated father/step father), I have lots of shiny cameras, love playing my guitar like a legend and would totally play with lego all day if I could get away with it.

Yes, I’m a 41 year old boy.

So, what better way to celebrate that than buying a big (ok, actually, not that big) shiny red motorbike.

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