the green green grass of home part 2

The grass I planted last weekend has already started to grow, Quite a lot, actually.

Its like the dirt has suddenly gone hairy.

Its awesome – even the grass seed that I tossed on the bare and thin patches of lawn has sprouted in a few places. So I’ll be mowing the bits of the old lawn that I can tomorrow and seeding the rest of it right after. Houston, we have grass.

Well, that was interesting, wasnt it?

the green green grass of home

Tom Jones would be proud.

Now the reticulation is well and truly working and fixed, just have one duff sprinkler to change in the front, I can get on with the job is re-seeding the lawn


I’ve weeded and feeded until all I can taste is the ruddy granules up my nose. The weeds out the front are particularly stubborn and I’ve had to treat them 3 times and still they grow. Another few blitzes over the coming weeks will sort them I think.

I’ve dug in wetting agent to the dry bits, adjusted sprinklers till they cover just about every square inch of grass and yesterday, me and the little ‘un raked and turned and sieved the soil and liberally sowed the grass seed.

2 weeks, the packet says, before germination. Hopefully I put down enough that the birds dont steal it all before then. I’ll take some piccies and let you know how it goes.


So, the pump is shot. have to get a new one at a cost of $650


The rest of the system looks to be in good shape now – just need to sort that one solenoid (now I know how – just unscrew the center pin and it opens the valve up – job done.

Good news though, is by Tuesday, hopefully this will all be fixed so I can get on with the task of feeding and regrowing the grass 🙂