the green green grass of home part 2

The grass I planted last weekend has already started to grow, Quite a lot, actually.

Its like the dirt has suddenly gone hairy.

Its awesome – even the grass seed that I tossed on the bare and thin patches of lawn has sprouted in a few places. So I’ll be mowing the bits of the old lawn that I can tomorrow and seeding the rest of it right after. Houston, we have grass.

Well, that was interesting, wasnt it?

sunday sunday, so good to me..

Ok, its a day earlier than the Mama’s and the Papa’s had it.

Its been a very slumpy day today – I did the weeding and feeding and dressing the bits of the lawn with wetting agent and thats about all I’ve really done so far.

I should get to speak to the kids on Skype in a bit and then probably take my step-daughters to the park once its cooled off a bit. No photos yet, I might go out between the park and dinner time, but as its so warm, I might just buy some cold beers and sit outside with the wafting scent of sandalwood and citronella..

Anwyay, hope all your weekends are going similarly swimmingly 🙂

More later. Possibly.