the green green grass of home part 2

The grass I planted last weekend has already started to grow, Quite a lot, actually.

Its like the dirt has suddenly gone hairy.

Its awesome – even the grass seed that I tossed on the bare and thin patches of lawn has sprouted in a few places. So I’ll be mowing the bits of the old lawn that I can tomorrow and seeding the rest of it right after. Houston, we have grass.

Well, that was interesting, wasnt it?

3 Comments on “the green green grass of home part 2

  1. I envy you for having a place of your own to plant grass in the first place! Be sure to invite me over one day, if I’m ever in Australia (which will likely not happen within the next decade, but you never know, right)? =)


    • A garden is definitely something to aspire to – failing that, live near and take advantage of a public park – you already pay taxes for those and someone else mows the grass 🙂


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