Holidays, part 5 – flying lessons

My daughter Ella is very special.  Well, I would say that, wouldn’t I?

She also has a somewhat ‘relaxed’ relationship with gravity.  As a ballet dancer, that’s a pretty helpful talent to have.  She can jump and spring like a mountain gazelle.

There’s something else she can do.


So I had to take some photos of her in action.

Firstly, she snarfed a house broom from the cupboard as a makeshift broomstick and zoomed around the garden like Harry Potter.  Well, perhaps more like Hermione Granger 😉  I remember that broom from when I was a child (yes, things today just aren’t made the way they used to be) and I could never get it to do this..

The broom was useful on the ground too – she found she could see better to sweep the lawn from higher up

Unaided, she can soar like a bird

She gets a bit carried away with the bird thing – hovering like a hummingbird, sniffing the flowers

Sometimes she likes to launch herself off the steps to get some extra speed

Other times she just likes to levitate and float about the place like she has no written agreement with the laws of gravity.

And other times she just likes to fly about, clutching the heads of naughty invisible pixies before escorting them from the garden

Her brother, Henry has no such talent.  He is best friends with gravity – it never lets him out of its sight and he can barely leave the ground.  With the state of his knees, I’d say it often pulls him down fairly hard.  Still, he tries 🙂

Poor lad – hopefully he’ll grow into it.

And that was that – one flying, levitating daughter.  Who knew?

* there’s no photoshopery, trickery, wires or supports in these shots whatsoever.
** she was flying.  really. 😉
*** kinda 😉
**** check out – she’s our inspiration.

6 Comments on “Holidays, part 5 – flying lessons

  1. This is a great series! The first one of her smelling the flower was just right – the hair and limb placement was totally relaxed. Flying’s clearly one of those things everyone does when they want to smell the roses 😉


    • Thanks Charlene 🙂 we had a lot of fun doing it – theres so much more that could be done too with better locations and more aggressive post processing. Maybe strobes and some dry ice…hummm, there’s a project right there!


  2. I’ve seen so many levitation photos lately, that I have to say these by far are the best. This photo shoot just seems much more fun and much more beautiful than the rest. Great job


    • Thanks Kay 🙂 we had some fun doing these – they’re not perfect, just snaps to see if it would work really, but they’re cool! Really glad you like them!


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