having said I was crap..

…I take it all back. Well, not all of it, but some. back onto the subject of cool black and whites and living the 60’s Parisian cafe shooters dream

I went through some shots of Melbourne again and decided to convert a few to black and white to see if I could get that street photography look, and well I’ll be buggered – some of them look fab, with a hint of abstract (which is becoming something of a “thing” for me)

Now, I’m not claiming some kind of greatness here, but I kinda like this lot.

more Melbourne pics

Last photos from Melbourne I promise

These are general shots of Melbourne people plus the cool street art of Fitzroy, just outside the CBD. Ideally, I’d like to go back there on a sunnier day with more time and just the Holga.

more of Melbourne

It’s just as well we went there last weekend – this weekend they’ve had torrential rain, golf-ball sized hailstones, wild wind and floods in the city! *eep* The news has been full of pictures of flooded streets and hail-drifts. Bloody hellfire!!

Anyways, just to rub it in for people who are visiting at the moment (and Ellie who lives there), here are some tasty photos – firstly, cityscapes

The first couple of days were a bit dull, so some of the photos are a bit on the grey side. Ah well.

Melbourne trip (part 3)

The last day we checked out of the hotel and with luggage safely stashed in the complimentary secure storage (thanks Swanston Hotel) we mooched back to Degraves St for some breakfast.

We pulled in at a really cool little oak-panelled cafe and had a gorgeous cooked breakfast and coffee’s, even though it was disgustingly expensive. But hey, its a holiday, and you have to do these things.

With full bellies, we walked off over St Kilda Rd bridge to the Botanical Gardens. They’re lovely, well maintained and almost deserted. A lovely mooch though the grounds later, we headed to the cafe for some much needed refreshment before heading back to the hotel for our bags and a cab back to the airport.

The airport managed to supply a rather nommy vegan lunch and we were on our way home. Getting back to 42 degrees was a bit much as it had barely topped 20 in Melbourne the whole time were there. Thats Perth for you :))

Had a lovely time, so much more to see for another time, which is exactly how you want to leave a place.

See you again soon, Melbourne.

Melbourne trip (part 1)

We’re in Melbourne for a long weekend city break for our honeymoon

It’s not that far from Perth, just under 4 hours by plane, which still makes it an occasional visit, rather than a regular jaunt. We arrived Friday night and went for a wander. We’re staying in Chinatown right in the middle of Melbourne, which is pretty interesting, colourful and lively. We had a fantastic meal at a bustling Thai restaurant, wandered some more, then retired early ready for a day exploring on Saturday.

We started the day with an early birthday present, i got Jay a vintage polaroid camera and a load of film, which i know she’s been hankering after for the longest time.

We then walked off to get Vegan muffins and organic coffee in Degraves St, a gorgeous laneway cafe strip, followed by a wander around the river and southbank. We did some shopping in the lovely laneway malls and cute boutiques then caught a cab to Fitzroy, a bohemian suburb, for some lunch and noodling around the cool shops and cafes.

Had lunch in a fabulous vegetarian restaurant – Jay took a a load of photos too which was cool. We walked back to the hotel via the parliament building and are now chilling out on the bed for a well earned rest!

Good times 🙂

we’re all going on a summer holiday

Well, when I say we, I mean Jay and I.

Due to the cost cost of the wedding and flights to have my kids over for Christmas, we didn’t have enough funds or time off to take a honeymoon straight after we got married.  So, after some deliberation and an evening checking out hotels and stuff, we’ve finally booked the trip

– a long weekend in Melbourne

I’m excited – it’ll be the first place outside the general Perth area I’ve been in Australia.

Melbourne is supposed to be pretty cool and I can’t wait to go now 🙂

So, if anyone that reads this blog hails from Melbourne – please give me some tips and suggestions for the not traditional tourist “must visits”

When I say not traditional – I don’t care about shopping or endless beaches (we have them over this side of the country too) – I care about the things that really make Melbourne and Victoria what it is.  We won’t have a car, so no expeditions to remote places – city limits or train journey only 🙂

And now, with the dulcet tones of Sir Cliff in my head, I’m off to dream of driving through Europe in a London Bus work