more of Melbourne

It’s just as well we went there last weekend – this weekend they’ve had torrential rain, golf-ball sized hailstones, wild wind and floods in the city! *eep* The news has been full of pictures of flooded streets and hail-drifts. Bloody hellfire!!

Anyways, just to rub it in for people who are visiting at the moment (and Ellie who lives there), here are some tasty photos – firstly, cityscapes

The first couple of days were a bit dull, so some of the photos are a bit on the grey side. Ah well.

2 Comments on “more of Melbourne

  1. Noice! I particularly like the sky/cloud reflection in that first shot! I left a comment on Jayne’s crackbook saying the same thing – but I had no idea you two were in town! Let me know next time and we can have a drink and cupcakes! 😀


    • Thanks Ellie 🙂

      I know – I did remember you lived there, but we were kinda just honeymooning and mooching for that trip. Next time though, you’re on, its a promise!


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