Red Wine Wednesday – The Exhibitionist

So, Its that time of the week again.

Well, lets be more specific, its the time of the week where I write about the wine I drink as if it’s the only day I do the drinking.  There are may be other days of the week where I am unfaithful to Wednesday, but the specifics of which are in the hands of my lawyers and will be used in court when the wine brands start battling for my affections*

So, today’s wine is…

The Exhibitionist.  It’s a 2008 Merlot from a blend made here in good old Western Australia.  WA is usually famous for it’s Cab Savs, but I guess it can grow whatever grapes it wants, including Merlot

Presentation:  Not too shabby – there’s a decent label, some quirky fun blurb on the back and a fun name for the wine (its a bit of an ‘in thing’ for WA wine actually, as future RWW’s will no doubt reveal).  There is, however, no nudity, which is disappointing.

Appearance – purple. dark, rich, deep.

Aroma: Blackberries, blackcurrants.  This wine is fruity.  And bold too.  It’s not afraid to show off (perhaps the label is on the mark after all) – you can smell it when its in the glass on the table.  It’s not the sweet tang of a nasty wine though, it’s really quite interesting.

Taste.  I like this wine a lot.  It has that punchy rich ‘dry on the tongue makes your cheeks pucker slightly when you drink it’ action of a really good merlot.  There’s a fair amount of fruit on first taste – no spice like the shiraz – which tails off quickly and leaves an earthy tannin laden taste.

Interesting.  I’d be drinking this with some rich dark meats I think to get the best from it, but that said, the impact of the taste is upfront, not so much in the finish, so it’s a bit more versatile than that.  Might be good in cooking too.

Finish.  As above, after the shameless fruit burst and then the dry middle, it slinks away and leaves an smooth earthy dark finish with almost no reminder of the flirty juicy start.  Quirky but very nice.

Verdict:  I’m not normally a fan of merlots unless they are expensive, but this is pretty good at perhaps $15 a bottle, which is pretty average for a decent red here.

Overall I’d give it an 8/10, I really like the character – the flirty introduction and the smooth slinky goodbye kiss.  It could be smoother and richer, but overall, it’s pretty much how I like my women wine.

*this may or may not be true**.
**ok, its pretty much fiction
*** wine brands can battle for my affections whenever they like – please get in touch any time

2 Comments on “Red Wine Wednesday – The Exhibitionist

  1. First time visitor here … and you write about red wine every Wednesday? Woo hoo … sounds like a place to revisit. As I’m just not a merlot guy because Bordeaux has the best idea … blend it!


    • Hey and welcome 🙂 I will be doing red wine every wednesday and possibly (depending on how much of a lush I am feeling) on other days too (which might make my ‘red wine wednesday’ tagline a bit lacking, but hey, I’ll cross that bridge etc..) Please revist any time you wish!! Now – blending wine – you might be onto something there – there are so many possibilities – could be like a wine cocktail party!


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