Holidays – day 3

It’s funny – it only takes a week or two and suddenly it’s hard to remember what order things happened in!

Day 3 we got up early and went to see the Ngilgi Cave which was just round the corner from where we were staying. Read More

Holidays – day 1

Firstly, many apologies for the slight absence of posts – I have been a number of things

1. sick
2. working like a bastard
3. on holiday

All of the above have pretty much prevented any kind of activity, photography, red wine consumption and time and/or access to a computer.

Anyway, you now have my undivided attention for a while 🙂

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Drive out to the country

Yes, it’s another of those weekend photo posts!

Jay and I decided to go on another little drive out to a place we haven’t been before.  Well, to be 100% accurate, its somewhere I’ve not been before – Jay has been to most places having lived here for 20+ years, but me being Johnny Foreigner, I haven’t really been to many places outside of Perth.

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